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My name is Paolo Ruffino, and I am an academic and artist. I am the author of Future Gaming: Creative Interventions in Video Game Culture (2018, Goldsmiths/MIT Press). I am currently working as Lecturer in Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool. I am President of DiGRA Italia, and an active member of British DiGRA. I am one of the four founding members of the media art collective IOCOSE. My research is in digital gaming, media and cultural studies, art criticism, semiotics and philosophy of language. I currently live between London and Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Research and teaching

In 2015 I completed a Ph.D. at Goldsmiths, University of London in Media and Communications. In 2015-16 I have been working as Associate Lecturer at the Interactive Media BSc, University of York. In 2016-19 I have been working at the School of Film and Media at the University of Lincoln, and established the Lincoln Games Research Network. In 2012-15 I have been involved as Research Associate at the Gamification Lab, Centre for Digital Cultures (Leuphana University). In May 2015 I have been co-organising the yearly DiGRA conference, the major international conference on game studies.

Previously I have been teaching at Goldsmiths as Associate Lecturer at the Media and Communications department, and as Lecturer at London South Bank University, at the Game Cultures BA (Hons) and the Digital Media Arts BA.


Artistic work

I am a member of the artist group IOCOSEWe are a collective of four artists and have been working as a group since 2006. IOCOSE’s art investigates the after-failure moment of the teleological narratives of technological and cultural development, in regards to both their enthusiastic and pessimistic visions. We have been exhibiting internationally at several art institutions and festivals, including Venice Biennale (2011, 2013), Tate Modern (London, 2011), Science Gallery (Dublin, 2012) Jeu de Paume (Paris, 2011), MAMBo (Bologna, 2018), FACT (Liverpool, 2012), Transmediale (Berlin, 2013, 2015), and featured in publications such as Wired magazine, The Creators Project, Flash Art, Neural, Liberation, Der Spiegel, El Pais.

Recent publications and interventions

Future Gaming at Talks at Google, London, March 1st 2018

Paolo Ruffino (2018) Future Gaming: Creative Interventions in Video Game Culture. Goldsmiths Press

IOCOSE (2015) 'Art After Failure: an Artistic Manifesto from the City of Bangalore', Silicon Plateau vol. 1, T.A.J and SKE Projects, ed. Ghidini, M.  and Kelton, T., Bangalore: India